SS16 Swimwear Favourites

Suns out buns out! Time for the beach!
Australia is not only one of the world’s favourite countries for gorgeous sunshine and beaches, but is also the home of many beach wear brands that are in huge demand all over the globe, and we have the luxury of having the latest releases right here at home.
Every year I add another bikini or two to my collection as I turn them over. This process is actually quite difficult as there are so many gorgeous resort items every year to pick from and every year the styles get better and better.
As you may have noticed already this year, the trends in swimwear have had a sport luxe theme, extreme cut-outs (including low and high necklines and high leg lines), lace ups, ruffles, mesh and off the shoulder styles.

Here are some of my favourite resort pieces from Australian designers this season.


Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.16.53 Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.14.38 Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.15.45white mesh sea folly bikini


Screenshot 2016-01-08 22.55.27


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tigerlily3 dtt9

tigerlily2 dtt9



Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.58.30 Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.58.13 Screenshot 2016-01-10 13.40.51


Screenshot 2016-01-10 14.05.49 Screenshot 2016-01-10 14.05.34 Screenshot 2016-01-10 14.03.03


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