Predicted Fashion Trends for 2017

Happy New Year Fashionistas. And welcome to 2017! I love entering a new year. You get that automatic refreshing feeling to make changes and improve certain areas in your life or even the confidence and motivation to take on something new.
As I write this I am on my way back to Melbourne from my summer break in Perth, really keen to take on my goals for this year and give it my all.
In the fashion world, there will be a whole lot of new this year too! And also some classic trends that we love too much to let go.

The colour of the year for 2017 is “Greenery” – earthy tones, including Kale and Hazelnut, with pops of primary colours like Lapis Blue and Primrose Yellow.

The Vice President of Pantone Colour Institute, Laurie Pressman says, “Colour trend forecasting is being able to take a look at whats happening now, what we see is going to be happening in the future and being able to glom onto those key trends or leading trend indicators to see what the future looks like and what does that mean for colour, because everything impacts colour.

So if you want to get ahead and know what trends to look out for when shopping this year, here are the looks that designers will have stocked in their stores or have in their pipeline for upcoming seasons.






One shoulder cut outs


Sleeve slits


White shirt dresses


Waist belts



 Statement Sleeves

Bra Tops under blazers


I’m looking forward to seeing how each of my favourite designers take on the forecast trends of 2017 in their collections this year. To be honest, some of these trends don’t appeal to me currently, however I want to be a little bolder this year with styling my outfits, so watch this space!

As always, thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. Do you have any trend predictions of your own for this year?

Here’s to a successful and stylish 2017!

xx DTT9

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