I’m over it and I just bought it

Like every girl, we see something we like, we either buy it, think about it or make the hard decision not to buy it. But then we see it again either on someone else in the street, one of our friends or more often than not, you’ll see it online, everywhere! This keeps that item in your head and makes you want it more and more and more. And, chances are you end up buying it.
Please note, this is not a 101 lesson in how marketing works, but if this is news to you, check out this next bit.

Manning cartel

Once upon a time when we used to see a designer dress or bag on an A list celebrity only once, and that was enough ammunition for us to buy the same thing, and we’d cherish that thing to death!
But now, something has changed this situation.

Gigi Hadid

Social media. We all love it and can’t live without it, but it is changing our tastes and trends without us even noticing most of the time.
Back in the day we would only see items being marketed to us a couple of times before they’d hit the stores, but now, we see them over and over and over again on social media everywhere before its released and then on everyone soon after, reducing the value we initially saw in them.
That’s why we may feel dissatisfaction when we finally buy the item we once loved. Do you want to wear a top that is absolutely everywhere to the point that it is practically a meme? Hell no!
We want to be different and stylish in a new way, in our own way.

White suede
Social Media is great for marketing and advertising however it can also have the reverse effect; desensitizing us to the fact that we no longer find excitement in getting the things we want.

Birdcage boutique

So if you were wondering why you don’t love a dress or shoes as much as you once did, this is why. Maybe the remedy is to simply buy clothes as soon as they’re released? 😛
Or maybe it is what it is, and how we feel about new clothes and shoes is inevitable due to our ever evolving world of technology, which is changing even how we feel about new purchases.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

xx DTT9

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