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Have you ever found a picture of a pair of shoes or dress or skirt somewhere on Pinterest or via some random Instagram account, that you absolutely loved and had to have now? But one problem – you cannot see any reference of where the outfit is from. There is no mention of where I can buy it. So frustrating; cannot deal! Like me, I’m sure this has happened to you so many times!

Lucky for us, Google has recently released a solution – its called Reverse Image Search. You can now search the web via images. The results will either be other websites where your coveted items have featured/where you can buy them, or at worst, similar versions of them.


Unfortunately this will only work via a desktop/laptop computer, not via your phone or tablet. But I doubt phone technology is far from this ability.

To find your fashion items follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Download/screen shot the image
2) Go to
3) Click ‘Upload an image’ or the camera icon
4) Click ‘Choose file’
5) Select the image
6) Then Presto!

Problem solved – You’re welcome 😉


dtt9 image1




dressedtothenines image

dtt9 image

xx DTT9

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