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Asilio, one of Australia’s trending fashion labels, has teamed up with some of our favourite fashionistas to create their new and exclusive Spring collection.

The face of the brand and Head Designer, Cynthia Farchione, collaborated creativity with 8 fashion icons, and the calibre so far has been exceptional.

Each of the 8 dresses have been released one by one over a period of 8 weeks, and named after the style icon. Some of the released dresses were sold out within hours!

To kick off this special collection, the first dress released was “The Nadia Dress”.
Co-designer Nadia Bartel, designed a white off-the-shoulder midi dress with patterned mesh as the lower half. An absolute masterpiece.

THE NADIA DRESS – by Nadia Bartel x Asilio



The second dress release was by the Senior Buyer for Australian and International Designer Womenswear at Myer, Tenielle Fergusson.

Tenielle co-designed a black and white fish tail midi dress, with plunge neckline. This dress is exclusively sold in Myer – not on Asilio’s website.

THE TENIELLE DRESS – by Tenielle Fergusson x Asilio




The third release is my current favourite, “The Rebecca Dress”. The flawless Rebecca Judd co-designed an absolutely stunning number – the detail is incredible. I wore this gorgeous dress to Sofitel’s Girls Day Out earlier this month. That day I received so much attention and compliments – the dress was certainly a hit.

The blush pink is a part of this season’s pantone, perfect for Spring racing, hen’s parties and other day time events. And the detail in the dress, is amazing. Not to mention the stunning keyhole on the back.


THE REBECCA DRESS – by Rebecca Judd x Asilio

asilio-becj asilio-bec1


A week later, “The Rozalia Dress” was released. A woman who needs no introduction, Rozalia Russian co-designed this dress with Cynthia. The dress is a blush pink midi with sleeves. It comes with two waist bands; one with a bow and one without. Ideal for this year’s Oak’s Day.

THE ROZALIA DRESS – by Rozalia Russian x Asilio

asilio-roza-russian asilio-roza


Last week Asilio released their 5th exclusive dress. “The Shiralee Dress” is off-the-shoulder LBD with unique cut outs on the back.

This gorgeous number, which is perfect for your Spring soirées or even Derby Day, was co-designed by digital content creator, Shiralee Coleman.

THE SHIRALEE DRESS – by Shiralee Coleman x Asilio



This week “The Xiao Dress” was released. A cute lace dress co-designed by Chinese style queen, Zuo An Xiao.

THE XIAO DRESS – by Zuo An Xiao x Asilio



To be released on the 3rd of October is “The Lana Dress”. The co-designer of this dress is none other than Australia’s best stylist. Lana is quite daring when it comes to fashion, and loves a statement element in every outfit she assembles. Lana is excited for the release of her dress and tells me that it’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for Spring Racing! I can’t wait to see it!

THE LANA DRESS – by Lana Wilkinson x Asilio

And the final instalment to this 8 piece collection is “The Jasmin Dress”, which will be released on the 10th October. This co-design, Jasmin Howell, also known as Friend in Fashion, is one of Australia’s favourite style icons. I am looking forward to seeing her rendition of the ultimate dress for this season.

THE JASMIN DRESS – by Jasmin Howell x Asilio


There is no doubt that these dresses are gorgeous. Let me know what you think. Which one is your favourite? Will one of these dresses be one of your Spring Carnival outfits?
Thanks for reading.

xx DTT9

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