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Fashion doesn’t have rules, however, I do think that everyone should know their style and give it their all.
The way I see clothing is like armour, to get through my day aka the battle; the hustle.
When you are wearing something you feel amazing in, it changes your perspective and mood. And there is nothing shallow about that! I know not everyone will agree with me, but this is merely my interpretation.
Having confidence in your style and owning it is more about your attitude than your clothing.
When you are confident in what you are wearing, it makes you confident in what you are doing.
Confidence is more attractive than anything you can put on your body.
You could probably do your job in a garbage bag, but I know that I kick-ass more at work when I am wearing a hot pair of heels and a bold coloured lipstick, than when I’m not.

I love fashion trends as much as the next fashionista. However, there are classic elements I love to wear no matter whether they are featured in the latest edition of Vogue or 5 seasons ago.

Here are some of my favorite timeless fashion elements that will be in my wardrobe in years to come, and are worth investing in. And yes, they are all black 🙂

Double Breasted Blazer

Camilla & Marc

Fur coats and vests


Knee high boots

Wayne Cooper

Patent leather points

Christian Louboutin

Mid-rise black jeans

J Brand

Prada Bag



Leather Biker Jacket

Acne Studios


xx DTT9

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